As chair of the CSE Climate Assessment Committee (CLASS) set by College of Engineering Dean Alec Gallimore, I would like to invite you to engage in shaping the future of the CSE division by participating in a survey to help assess the climate and culture of the department, as well as identify best actions to move forward.

Here is a one-time access link to the questionnaire.

We strongly encourage your participation (with a $10 gift card for completing the survey), as your expertise and advice on how to move forward are invaluable. All responses are anonymous and confidential. No identifying information will be shared with anyone within the Division, College, or University.

The survey was created by an independent firm (Giffen & Kaminski LLC) hired by the Dean’s office. The questionnaire was developed by interviewing 25 students, faculty and staff members, with two rounds of iterations with the CLASS committee, and final testing of the instrument by another 20 people outside the CSE division but from relevant personnel groups. With this process, we hope that the questions are pertinent and self-explanatory.

The results and analyses will be published for all CSE community in July in a final report containing a summary of the current climate and recommendations for future actions to create a safe, equitable, and inviting working environment for all CSE members.

If you have questions about or access issues with the survey, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to active participation and fruitful outcome of the survey! Wishing you all a very good spring and summer.

Tuija Pulkkinen

Dear CSE Colleagues,

On behalf of the CSE Climate Assessment (CLASS) committee, I invite you to a town hall discussion on June 29 from 12:45 – 1:45 PM.  The zoom link is given below.

The objectives of our discussion are to share the preliminary findings of the climate survey conducted last month, describe the remaining tasks of the committee and gather your feedback. This will be the first step towards assisting the department in developing a framework for implementing the recommended actions. 

I hope you can join us for this important discussion, and great thanks to all of you who responded to the survey. Dean Alec Gallimore will join us in the discussion. 

Tuija Pulkkine