Climate Activities Coordination

Students, faculty, and staff have formed a number of project-specific committees dedicated to building a better climate for the whole CSE community. Teams are working on addressing a number of concerns highlighted by a survey of different CSE populations, the results of which are published here. Projects have included improving the advisor change process, identifying classes with disproportionately high grade weightings on exams, making office hours more effective, expanding inclusive teaching training, and better displaying procedures for reporting misconduct.

If you would like to find out what efforts are currently in progress and get involved, please contact Prof. Westley Weimer (

Selected results

CSE DEI Working Group on Effective Office Hours

Survey of declared CS and DS students on office hours modality.

One of the many working groups focused on *Effective Office Hours*. As part of discussions among students, staff and faculty, the Working Group carried out an IRB-approved survey to assess how students preferred to have office hour interactions. This was especially relevant during and after remote education activities for COVID-19. This sort of activity highlights CSE’s commitment to listen to student needs and requests. The final report was presented to the CSE faculty and was used to guide office hours decisions. The full report was also made public and is available below.

View the survey report

Led by Dr. Amir Kamil and DEI Staff Member Sarah Snah, among others.

Amir Kamil
Amir Kamil
Sarah Snay