DEI and Climate

Initiatives at CSE

DEI and Climate at CSE

This site is dedicated to providing a free flow of information regarding actions being taken within the CSE Division at the University of Michigan to improve climate, inclusivity, and student experiences.

Pages here detail progress on concrete action items, as well as provide data from outreach efforts such as town hall meetings and community surveys.

Climate Committee

The Computer Science and Engineering Division, joined by the College of Engineering, are working to lead change within the institution. A cross-departmental committee at the College has been formed to better foster an inclusive environment where all community members feel safe and welcome.

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Annual DEI and Climate Report

A public record of statistics and activities intended to provide transparency regarding climate, diversity, equity and inclusion in the CSE Division. The report is suitable for students and community members and includes brief contextual information and background for nuanced topics.

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Resources to promote inclusion

CSE is continually striving to build a more inclusive and supportive environment that will welcome people from all identities into this exciting discipline.
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Initiative for equity in the classroom

Computing CARES is a multi-faced program at Michigan that aims to eliminate the historical gender disparity that exists in the programs of study for computer science and computer engineering.
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